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 Welcome to the Ultra Camera Mounts homepage.  Ultra Camera Mounts specializes in camera mounts designed for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and so much more.  We also offer many other products such as:  jib arms, dutch heads, and camera accessories.   At Ultra Camera Mounts we are dedicated to manufacturing the finest quality camera mounting systems in the world.  Our design team has over 50 years of feature film camera mounting experience and we have spent many years developing the most innovative and versatile camera mounting systems specifically designed the serious cinematographers.  At our UCM research and development warehouse, all of our our products are tried and tested again and again by our designers and by real professional cinematographers in the field before they ever reach the open market.

All of our camera mounting kits are made out of strong and rigid 5/8" solid stainless steel rods.   All of our rods and fittings are CNC machined and have been tested over and over again by our engineering department.   So when we say that our mounts will support a 65 lb. camera, you can count on UCM to deliver a strong, tried and true mount that is perfect for your DV, HD, Betacams, 16mm and light weight 35mm cameras.   Another great advantage to having our 5/8" rod system is it also allows you to mount lights and c-stands arms directly to your mount so you can literally light the scene.

All of our camera mounts are based on an ingenious modular system.   This modular system allows you to transform our kits into a wide variety of interior and exterior mounts.   Our kits are so versatile that you can easily design your own mount to get your camera exactly where you want it.   We also offer many exciting accessories that will allow you to expand your kit as your needs grow.

Every employee at Ultra Camera Mounts takes pride in our products and in our customer service.   That's why all of our kits come complete with tools, helpful hints, and instructions for quick and easy assembly.   Our customer support staff is second to none, and we will do our best to point you in the right direction for all of your camera mounting needs.   So check out our Ultra Camera Mounts website and you will quickly understand why our slogan is:   "Where would you stick it?"

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UCM 4-Way Leveling Head: Introducing a new innovative 4-Way leveling head that fits out product line.  Priced at $995.00

UCM Smart Carts: Introducing a new innovative line of grip and electric carts designed for grip trucks.
These carts will definitely make you think twice about how you load your truck.

UCM Ultra Clamp: This revolutionary clamp can be used to mount lights, c-stand arms and cameras!
Plus a whole lot more.

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